All software applications in which advertisements are displayed while the application is executed, it is called with a common name adware . The application author adds an extra code, which provides for the display of advertising. The advertisements can appear as for example. pop-up windows…

Trojan Horse

Trojan is the name of a stratagem , where the enemy is lured to even close one army behind its defenses. Originally devised by Odysseus (see the Trojan horse ).

Computer Virus

A computer virus is a small computer program which, in interaction with the computers and operating systems , they are written to, seek to transmit copies of itself to other computers without the user’s knowledge. This takes itself a small part of an “infected” computer…


The term spyware or spy programs used on computer programs that install themselves with a client, usually without the client knows something about this. You can protect your computer from spyware programs, but these must typically be updated often to keep up with the growth…


Beerware is a software license, with very relaxed constraints. It gives the user the right to use, modify or distribute a piece of software if the user buys a beer to the software manufacturer; alternatively even drink a beer to the software manufacturer’s honor.