All software applications in which advertisements are displayed while the application is executed, it is called with a common name adware . The application author adds an extra code, which provides for the display of advertising. The advertisements can appear as for example. pop-up windows or through banners. Adware can be justified, since the commercials helps to reduce development costs and purchase price.

Adware is often confused with spyware , which is not correct. However contains adware often codes that transmit user information to third parties without the user’s permission or knowledge. This function is called for spyware and does not represent adware application itself.

Of adware applications include, for example. Limewire or Bearshare , who used to share music, movies and other things. They both come with pop-up ads, which often can be stopped by a pop-up blocker . The ads that appear in some of the more critical adwares can not immediately stopped by a pop-up blocker and should at worst be removed manually or via a removal-tool for the adware.